Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Call to Write

A good blog is an online diary – it gives the writer a vehicle to express him/herself.

A GREAT blog in an online dialogue between the writers and readers with which to change each other’s lives.

Writers 4 All Seasons blog is going to be a great blog.  By working together and sharing our ideas, we will help each other as writers, artists, musicians, and humans.  By becoming better writers, artists, musicians, and humans, we will change the world. 

I would like you to start emailing me stories, articles, poems, writing exercises, and songs which you would like to have posted on . Think about the kinds of writing you look for on line when you are searching for information about our crafts.  WRITE that kind of a post. 

Use this blog to promote your own writing adventures.  Tell us when you’ve had something published or you’ve found an interesting contest, magazine or publisher.  Critique a book.  Interview an author.  Question the plot of a mystery or uncover the fallacies of a non-fiction! 

Length does not matter!  It can be as short as a one-liner or so long I decide to divide it into a series of posts.  You’ve heard this before if you have had a good English teacher:  Make it long enough to say what you want it to say. 

If you are an active participant of the W4AS meetings, your writings will be accepted immediately.  If you are an email member or you are just reading this blog, I would ask that you sign up to Follow This Blog before you send me anything. 

I will use your name on the byline as a link to your email, so our readers can respond to you directly.  As a reader, be sure to comment on what you liked.  Use the post as you would a critique session during one of our meetings:  praise, suggest, and ponder.

Another thing I will ask each of you to do – every time you read an article, story, poem, or other kind of post on this blog, use the social media icons to re-post it.  The more people we can gather to this blog, the more people who will write for this blog, the more information we can share about our craft, the better we will become at our craft, and the better we can make our world.

I look forward to blogging with you!


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  1. nice article, i particularily liked the bit about fallicies in non-fiction. never believe the truth lol...